An often overlooked fact is that the choice of lubricant can be as important as your initial hardware selection in determining performance and overall cost of ownership. For high performance, reliable, expertly designed lubricants; you can count on Lubrication Technology, Inc to be your partner for customized tribological solutions.

Lubrication Technology, Inc. manufactures high technology synthetic grease lubricants based on perfluoropolyethers (PFPE), fluorinated polysiloxanes, esters, polyalphaolefins (PAO) and synthetic hydrocarbon cooligimers under the trade name CHRISTO-LUBE®.

Lubrication Technology, Inc (LTI) line of CHRISTO-LUBE® synthetic lubricants are suitable for applications having a wide range of environmental and operational conditions of speed, load, pressure, and hostile / non-hostile environments. For example, CHRISTO-LUBE® lubricants have proven effective at temperatures as low as -140°F 550°F and beyond. No other lubricants are as well suited as CHRISTO-LUBE® for these demanding conditions. Since 1989, Lubrication Technology, Inc has been increasing safety, enhancing performance, improving protection and minimizing maintenance in applications ranging from Life Support to Guided Munitions and everything in between.

CHRISTO-LUBE® synthetic lubricants are stock items and in most cases can be shipped within two business days of an order. CHRISTO-LUBE® lubricants are available in a variety of packaging containers including but not limited to; syringes, tubes, jars, grease gun cartridges and pails. Lubrication Technology, Inc also packages CHRISTO-LUBE® in EFD cartridges, unit of use packets and patented twist syringes. Please contact us for further information.


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